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TEDx Solebury School Speaker Jonathan Lopes - Solebury School

TEDxSoleburySchool Talk: The Power and Promise of College Mentorship
The late Randy Pausch was an acclaimed professor at Carnegie Mellon who possessed the confidence to pursue his dreams. As Randy was dying of cancer, he concluded his life’s journey by recording a now famous speech, Last Lecture. His drive was infectious. Randy became successful in life because of his proactive nature but also because of an all-important and often undervalued skill: passion.

Passion is a trait that matters in college. Whether you're transitioning from high school or another college, or even if you've headed back to school to explore a new career path, the adjustment period is real and it influences students differently. For those fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue higher education, it is a chance to start fresh and change your life. Will you make the most of it? I grew up in Newark, New Jersey — not the ideal environment for fostering development, but it did inspire in me a drive and a passion to "escape". My talk is on the power and promise of higher education through my experience as someone who has graduated from a community college, a four-year public college, and a private university, and the impact that it can have on students of all demographics.

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About Jonathan
Jonathan Lopes is the Assistant Director of Career Development at Centenary University in Hackettstown, NJ. Jonathan holds an AA, BA, and an MA degree with an education and social science focus. Jonathan enjoys supporting students and guiding them to reach their potential. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys time with his friends and Maltese puppy.