After-School Activities

Sports and activities are an integral part of the school day. Solebury School offers a wide range of choices and opportunities for both individual and group experiences, all designed to foster the development of lifelong skills and interests. View them below.

Participation in a physical activity is required during at least two of the three trimesters. For those who love team sports, our students enjoy a distinct advantage that larger schools can't offer — the opportunity to play on a varsity team. At larger schools, less experienced players often don't get to play at a varsity level. Solebury is a member of the Penn-Jersey Athletic League and Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association (PAISAA). Most of our teams compete for a league championship each season, while a few teams play an independent schedule. Each year, we have athletes who continue on to play sports in college.

Those who do not enjoy team sports can choose from indoor and outdoor rock climbing, fitness and weight training, yoga, and more. We can also work with students to structure independent activities for activities that we currently don't offer. Recent examples of independent activities include skating, swimming, and gymnastics.

For one of the three trimesters, students can choose a non-physical activity, such as theater, debate, literary magazine, yearbook, and more.

Students are required to participate in a supervised after-school activity or interscholastic team sport each trimester; activities meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, while athletic teams meet daily and may have weekend practices and games. Unless otherwise noted, sports and activities are co-ed. Programs may be added or canceled due to student interest and availability of staff and facilities.

After-School Activities for 2022-23