Community Service

Community Service has always been a priority at Solebury School. From its opening days to the present, students, teachers, and staff have given of their time and skills to help build and enrich communities on and off campus. In the past few years, Solebury has been working even harder to ensure that that service culture is alive and strong and built into the fabric of our day to day work and play here as a school.  

Solebury does not require community service hours as a graduation requirement. We incorporate service into several experiences that take place over the course of the school year while students are already in school. We also track and honor all the impactful ways that out students give back. Our hope is to foster and highlight the service culture of Solebury School more than ever before in a way that feels authentic and fosters the best motives for giving.

Students are encouraged to gain this experience and build this school culture by doing any or all of the following: 

  • Participate in one of our many weekend service trips
  • Take part in our MLK Day service event
  • Come visit Sarah May to talk about ways to get involved in volunteer work individually or as a group
  • Organize a service event and encourage others to participate
  • Join Solebury's Service Society, a club that meets weekly to plan and organize such events on campus
  • Consider an abroad opportunity with a service component

There are school-sponsored service trips at least once a month, and students are highly encouraged to engage in community service on an individual basis beyond school-run events. Solebury School offers two major prizes each year to honor students who complete outstanding community service. Additionally, Solebury strives to bring service into the curriculum with service-based learning and bi-annual international or domestic trips with a significant service component. 

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Solebury Service Society

The club is composed of service-oriented students who want to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Students organize and take part in many community service events throughout the year, including weekend trips, fundraisers, MLK Day events, and the all-school Service Day.


What Is Community Service?

Opportunities for community service are as diverse as our student body. Solebury's Community Service Advisor can help students find areas of service that meet their interests and priorities. Here are a few examples of ways to serve:

  • Animal lovers might volunteer at the Humane Society.
  • Athletes might work as referees or umpires for local youth groups.
  • Get involved at homeless shelters or elementary schools and be a mentor to children.
  • Share artistic interests and talents at retirement centers, day care centers or nonprofit art centers.
  • Work at a soup kitchen or food pantry.
  • Environmentalists might work at a park, form a group to adopt a highway, or raise funds for ecological organizations such as the Audubon Society or Honey Hollow Environmental Education Center.
  • Work for the American Red Cross, local fire and emergency stations, or other emergency relief organizations.



For information about guidelines or opportunities, contact Service Director Sarah May at