Commencement 2023

During their time at Solebury School, the Class of 2023 showcased exceptional achievements, formed unbreakable connections, and demonstrated remarkable resilience as a united community. Now, they embark on diverse paths around the globe, driven to deepen their knowledge, achieve greater heights, and embrace personal growth. 

As is Solebury School tradition, festivities kicked off the day before Commencement with a special Senior Dinner in the Athletic Center. Seniors and their families gathered for speeches and student achievement awards. Nomah Elliot '23, Leel Dias '23, and Ruby Burns ’23 were selected to reflect on their high school experiences. Fatima Daryabi '23, Cory Gregson '23, Jordan Lane '23, and Maddie Robin '23 presented the Class of 2023’s gift to the school, the supply of free period products placed in three campus bathrooms. 

The next morning, spirits were high as Solebury School welcomed the Class of 2023 into its alumni ranks with a beautiful outdoor ceremony under the Graduation Oak among family, friends, faculty, staff, and alumni. Head of School Tom Wilschutz congratulated the class on the years of hard work and dedication that led to this momentous occasion. 

“Today I leave with high hopes and joy for the future,” said Arianna Dempsey ’23, one of our four senior speakers, along with Trey Kohles ’23, Cory Gregson ’23, and Fatima Daryabi ’23. “I am a little less fearful knowing that I have an army behind me that is dedicated to seeing my peers and I succeed, cheering us on, ready for us when the time comes for us to return home. Thank you, everyone, for being my chosen family. I leave my heart on this podium and thank you for the care you have given me, as well as my peers on this journey. This is not goodbye, but rather see you later.”

English Teacher Zachary Arrington was chosen by the Class of 2023 to be the ceremony's faculty speaker. He gave a passionate and inspirational speech, sharing a few life lessons and advice he wanted to reinforce with our new graduates.

“As you keep hearing that you’re about to enter the real world, remember that you’ve been living in the real world for your whole lives. You’ve been living in a world full of hurt and joy. You’ve been permitting one another and collaborating with one another in making a world in which you all will fit. All that changes now is that your responsibility to continue those actions increases. And so too does your potential to enact the change you imagine to answer the need you observe. The real world is a made thing. You do the making. So make it a place full of permission–make it a place where you fit. And as you make that space, preserve some of that geography for the person next to you, the person behind you. There is room if we make it, if we permit it; it will be.” -Zachary Arrington

Congratulations to our newest alumni! Relive the magic of Commencement Day below.

Commencement photos

(Photos by Kelli Abdoney and Stephen Barth)

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