English for Academic Purposes Program

All of us at Solebury feel incredibly lucky to have students from all over the world here. They contribute to Solebury being a diverse environment, and are wonderful both in and out of the classroom.

Some of our international students are able to be immediately successful here without any English support. Others need some help during their first year or two here to increase their English proficiency so that they can be successful here and eventually in college. For the students who need some extra support in developing their English proficiency, we have the English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP).

The English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) is designed to help International students sharpen their English proficiency skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This program has two distinct overarching goals:

  1. To maximize student success during their years at Solebury School

  2. To give these students the skills they need to thrive in an American University

Students applying to Solebury with a TOEFL score under 90 will be evaluated by our EAP Director to determine what, if any, level of EAP support they need.

Students in the EAP program will take either 1 or 2 EAP classes as part of their overall schedule.

These classes will come from two modules: 1 which is skill-centered, and 1 which is a Humanities focused content centered course.

Due to the individualized nature of these courses and the extra support they provide students, the cost of the EAP program is $2000 per course.

Skills Module Offerings

Writing Portfolio                                              
Literature Seminar

Content/Humanities Module Offerings

Culture and Media
Government and the Economy
Philosophy and Religion

Note: Humanities offerings could alternate from year to year.

The EAP program allows us to meet students where they are. In their first year at Solebury, the amount of EAP classes needed will be determined by an evaluation with our EAP Director. First year International students may need 1 or 2 EAP classes, or if their English proficiency allows them to do so, to enter Solebury without EAP support.

Students who are in the EAP program in their first year at Solebury will have a conversation with the EAP Director to determine what academic program is best for them for their second year.