The IDEA (Invention, Design, Engineering, and the Arts) Lab is a new space in the center of Solebury’s campus that is specially designed to be used as both a classroom and collaborative design space for student projects. A dedicated space for engineering, the lab serves as a permanent home for Solebury’s engineering and robotics teams and houses classes in digital design, computer science, CAD, VR, and robotics. Students are fully involved in the fabrication process using tools ranging from 3D printers, soldering irons, and Dremel tools to our new laser cutter and computer-controlled (CNC) milling machine. Students from all disciplines are welcome and encouraged to use the lab offerings. 

“Our goal in the Science Department is to break down the walls of departmental silos and show students that as adults we do not function in 80-minute blocks of different disciplines. Science intertwines with history very well—we offer a co-taught Moral Conflicts class. Just because you like humanities, it doesn’t mean you can’t come into the IDEA Lab and make something using the CNC machine.” -Cari Nelson, Science Department Head